Exhibitors and Sponsors

CRAS 2023 is the perfect opportunity to showcase recent technologies, products, or prototypes, aiming to support and propose concrete measures to accelerate research and innovation in Robotic Surgery. Demo presenters will benefit from heightened exposure for their work at "Campus Pierre et Marie Curie" of Sorbonne University in Paris during CRAS Conference 2023, as well as feedback from many of the most renowned scientists in the field.



Looking for less costly and time-consuming training methods for hand surgeon procedures, one Haption customer have been developing a haptic and visual assisted VR-based training system. Using a force feedback device (Haption Virtuose 6D), Haptivist project renders realistic forces during  simulated process helping surgeons to benefit of a good training and improve their skills. This demonstration  at CRAS 2022 aims to feel and share on haptic technology  potential for medical trainings.



Fiber optical shape sensing, 2D and 3D shape sensing in robot assisted surgery 

Fiber optic sensing solutions enable cutting-edge applications for robotic and standard minimally invasive surgery – such as real-time position tracking, instrument and catheter navigation, force, and curvature monitoring. At this year’s CRAS, FBGS will demonstrate a turn-key platform for shape sensing and share use cases from applying fiber optics in medical instruments. With the ongoing Artery project, FBGS will introduce a revolutionary hybrid system that combines shape and force sensing, and exploits robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality that make X-ray use redundant in the treatment of structural heart diseases. Customer issues and the solutions that FBGS was able to offer to answer their requirements will be discussed.