April 25 (Monday)

08:30-08:45 | Welcome/Introduction (Fanny Ficuciello)

08:45-09:45 | Regular Session - Simulators and Augmented Reality (Chair: Emmanuel Vander Poorten & Fanny Ficuciello)

Xue Hu and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena - Augmented reality-assisted markerless hip centre measurement for total knee arthroplasty

Giulia Modarelli, Sabina Maglio, Selene Tognarelli and Arianna Menciassi - Design, realization and preliminary validation of an active physical simulator for the study of pelvic floor damages during childbirth

Zainab Rai, Katie Doyle, Morenike Magbagbeola, Lukas Lindenroth, George Dwyer, Agostino Stilli, Danail Stoyanov, Brian Davidson and Dale Waterhouse - A Modular Organ Perfusion Research Platform for Computer Assisted Imaging and Intervention

09:45-10:15 | Poster Pitch I (Chair: Emmanuel Vander Poorten & Sophia Bano)

10:15-10:45 | Coffee Break

10:45-12:05 | Regular Session - Soft Robotics (Chair: Brahim Tamadazte & Sophia Bano)

Michael Brockdorff, Giovanni Pittiglio, Tomas da Veiga, James H Chandler and Pietro Valdastri - Dual-Arm Platform for Control of Magnetically Actuated Soft Robots

Cem Suulker, Sophie Skach and Kaspar Althoefer - A Fabric Soft Robotic Exoskeleton with Novel Elastic Band Integrated Actuators for Hand Rehabilitation

Amirhosein Alian, Emilia Zari, James Avery, Enrico Franco, Mark Runciman, Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena and George Mylonas - Electrical Impedence Tomography Sensing for Soft Continuum Surgical Manipulators

Zaneta Koszowska, Giovanni Pittiglio, James Chandler, Michael Brockdorff and Pietro Valdastri - Geometric Reinforcement towards Fully Soft Magnetic Endoscopic Endonasal Surgical Manipulators

12:05-13:10 | Lunch Break

13:10-13:55 | Keynote Speaker - Danail Stoyanov (Chair: Alicia Casalas)

13:55-14:55 | Regular Session - Tools and Devices (Chair: Leonardo De Mattos & Alicia Casalas)

Emmanouil Dimitrakakis, Holly Aylmore, Lukas Lindenroth, George Dwyer, Hani Marcus and Danail Stoyanov - Towards a Handheld Robotic Instrument for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Jeref Merlin, Lukas Lindenroth, Agostino Stilli, Saurabh Singh, Steve Bandula and Danail Stoyanov - Evaluation of a driving mechanism for percutaneous needle insertion

Vanni Consumi, Lukas Lindenroth, Danail Stoyanov and Agostino Stilli - Experimental Evaluation of the SoftSCREEN Capsule System in a Colon Phantom

14:55-15:40 | Keynote Speaker - Pietro Valdastri (Chair: Elena De Momi)

15:40-15:50 | Sponsor Talk - FBGS Technologies

15:50-16:20 | Poster Pitch II (Chair: Rocco Moccia & Fanny Ficuciello)

16:20-16:50 | Coffee Break

16:50-18:30 | Regular Session - Automation in Robotic Surgery (Chair: Rocco Moccia & Diego Dall'Alba)

Ruixuan Li, Ayoob Davoodi, Kenan Niu, Yuyu Cai and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Automatic Robotic Scanning for real-time 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction in Spine Surgery

Claudia D'Ettorre, Agostino Stilli and Danail Stoyanov - Autonomous Pick and Place using RL: Demonstrations Optimization

Fernando Gonzalez Herrera, Ameya Pore, Luca Sestini, Sujit Kumar Sahu, Guiqiu Liao, Philippe Zanne, Diego Dall'alba, Albert Hernansanz, Benoit Rosa, Florent Nageotte and Michalina J Gora - Autonomous image guided control of endoscopic orientation for OCT scanning

Yidan Qin and Joel Burdick - Concurrent Hierarchical Autonomous Surgical State Estimation during Robot-assisted Surgery

Elie Saghbiny, Jimmy Da Silva, Célia Chaimi, Thibault Chandanson, Guillaume Morel and Raphaël Vialle - Toward automatic bone breach detection for spine surgery using tissue bio-electrical conductivity sensing


April 26 (Tuesday)

08:30-09:30 | Regular Session - Force-Based Control in Surgery (Chair: Emmanuel Vander Poorten & Mohammad Hossein Hamedani)

Dominic Jones, Lorenzo Minotti, Nils Marahrens, Bruno Scaglioni and Pietro Valdastri - Simulated Force Control of the da Vinci PSM for Autonomous Intraoperative Ultrasound Scanning

Charlélie Saudrais, Bernard Bayle, Marie-Aude Vitrani and Fabien Vérité - End-of-instrument Stiffness Perception Device Based on Sensory Augmentation for Laparoscopic Surgery

Jae Hun So, Stéphane Sobucki, Jérôme Szewczyk, Naresh Marturi and Brahim Tamadazte - Hybrid controllers for middle ear surgery: towards efficient cholesteatoma removal

09:30-09:50 | Selene Tognarelli - Opportunities and challenges in deployment of robotic solutions in the healthcare sector: the DIH-HERO project

09:50-10:35 | Keynote Speaker - Paolo Netti (Chair: Fanny Ficuciello)

10:35-11:05 | Poster Pitch III (Chair: Mohammad Hossein Hamedani & Sara Moccia)

11:05-11:30 | Coffee Break

11:30-12:50 | Regular Session - Imaging Segmentation and Detection (Chair: Sara Moccia & Emanuele Ruffaldi)

Christina Bornberg, Sophia Bano, Francisco Vasconcelos and Danail Stoyanov - Semi-supervised placental vessel segmentation with majority voting for pseudo-label updating

Pengwei Xu, Mouloud Ourak, Oscar Caravaca-Mora, Gianni Borghesan, Dominiek Reynaerts and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Real-time retina and instrument segmentation of OCT images based on GPU accelerated inference

Beatriz Farola Barata, Guiqiu Liao, Diego Dall'Alba, Gianni Borghesan, Benoit Rosa, Michel de Mathelin, Florent Nageotte, Paolo Fiorini, Michalina J. Gora, Jos Vander Sloten and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - One-Shot Boundary Detection Network for Multi-Modal Side-Viewing Imaging

Alessandro Casella, Gaia Romana De Paolis, Dario Paladini, Elena De Momi, Sara Moccia and Leonardo S. Mattos - WAYNet: Weakly-Supervised Multi-Task Anastomoses Detection in Fetoscopy

12:50-14:00 | Lunch Break

14:00-14:45 | Keynote Speaker - Duygu Sarikaya (Chair: Paolo Fiorini)

14:45-14:55 | Sponsor Talk - Haption

14:55-15:25 | Poster Pitch IV (Chair: Selene Tognarelli & Paolo Fiorini)

15:25-15:55 | Coffee Break

15:55-16:55 | Regular Session - Image-Based Methods for Surgery (Chair: Aldo Marzullo & Selene Tognarelli)

Sophia Bano, Francisco Vasconcelos, Anna David, Jan Deprest and Danail Stoyanov - Detector-Free Dense Feature Matching for Fetoscopic Mosaicking

Anita Rau, Lourdes Agapito and Danail Stoyanov - Predicting Image Relationships with Image Box Embeddings during Endoscopy

Nils Marahrens, Bruno Scaglioni and Pietro Valdastri - Vision-based Assessment and Adaption of Ultrasound Probe Tissue Coupling during Robotic Surgery

16:55-17:40 | Keynote Speaker - Roberto Troisi (Chair: Arianna Menciassi)

17:40-18:40 | Regular Session - Modeling and Planning (Chair: Mohamed Sallam & Diego Dall'Alba)

Xiaohang Zhang, Gianni Borghesan, Mouloud Ourak, Tom Vandebroek, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin, Jan Deprest and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Accuracy Assessment of a Forward Kinematic Quasi-Static Model of a Concentric Tube Robot for Spina Bifida Repair

Mohammad Hasan Dad Ansari, Beatriz Farola Barata, Fabian Trauzettel, Zhen Li, Di Wu, Diego Dall'Alba, Gianni Borghesan, Mouloud Ourak, Veronica Iacovacci, Selene Tognarelli, Jenny Dankelman, Elena de Momi, Paul Breedveld, Paolo Fiorini, Jos Vander Sloten, Arianna Menciassi and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Proof-of-Concept Medical Robotic Platform for Endovascular Catheterization

Beatriz Farola Barata, Wim-Alexander Beckers, Gianni Borghesan, Diego Dall'Alba, Paolo Fiorini, Jos Vander Sloten and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Estimation of a Vessel Side-Branches Model for Robotic Intravascular Navigation

20:00-23:30 | Social Dinner (New CRAS Announcement & Awards)


April 27 (Wednesday)

08:30-14:00 | Lab Visit (ICAROS Center & PRISMA Lab)

14:00 | Farewell & Closing


Poster Pitch List

Poster Pitch I

Yao Zhang, Mouloud Ourak, Eric Verschooten, Kenan Niu, Di Wu, Gianni Borghesan, Philip Joris and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Controlling of a Micropositioning Piezoelectric Actuator using an LSTM Network for Robotic Eye Surgery

Simone Fani, Andrea Giannini, Davide Doria, Antonio Bicchi, Tommaso Simoncini and Matteo Bianchi - Experimental assessment of a fabric-based wearable haptic softness display for the localization of uterine leiomyomas in robot-assisted surgical palpation tasks

Ziyang Chen, Davide Alberti, Aldo Marzullo, Giancarlo Ferrigno and Elena De Momi - Recovering 3D information of human soft tissue using stereo endoscopic images

Dimitrios Anastasiou, George Saleh, Danail Stoyanov, Evangelos Mazomenos and Laxmi Raja - Surgical knot training in ophthalmic surgery: Skill assessment with eye-tracking

Lukas Lindenroth, Jeref Merlin, Sophia Bano, Joseph Manjaly and Danail Stoyanov - Tool motion estimation from internal pressure variation in a parallel, fluid-driven endoluminal soft robot

Andrea Mariani, Dario Galeazzi, Selene Tognarelli and Arianna Menciassi - Acoustic or Visual? A User Study on the Effectiveness of Sensor-based Feedback to Train Tissue Manipulation in Robotic Surgery

Keshav Iyengar, Sarah Spurgeon and Danail Stoyanov - Unconstrained Rotation for Control of Concentric Tube Robots with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Sanat Ramesh, Diego Dall'Alba, Paolo Fiorini and Nicolas Padoy - Spatio-temporal models for online activity recognition in cataract surgical videos

Shunlei Li, Muhammad Adeel Azam, Ajay Gunalan, Alessandro Casella and Leonardo S. Mattos - Unsupervised Denoise and Deblur of OCT Images via Disentangled Representation

Daniel Bautista-Salinas, Conor Kirby, Mohamed Abdelaziz, Burak Temelkuran, Charlie Huins and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena - Study of the curling behaviour of a self-shaping cochlear implant during insertion using a teleoperated robotic system


Poster Pitch II

Vladimir Poliakov, Bas Van Delm, Igor Verbruggen and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Design and Evaluation of a Haptic Cervix Phantom for Hysteroscopy Training

Xuan Thao Ha, Di Wu, Mouloud Ourak, Gianni Borghesan, Arianna Menciassi and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - Compliant Motion Control of Robotic Catheter based on Long-Short Term Memory Network

Jimmy Da Silva, Elie Saghbiny, Thibault Chandanson, Stéphane Bette, Maurice Bourlion and Guillaume Morel - Automatic bone breach detection for spine surgery based on bio-electrical conductivity sensing: Ex-vivo experimental validation

Martina Finocchiaro, Xuan Thao Ha, Jorge F. Lazo, Chun-Feng Lai, Sanat Ramesh, Albert Hernansanz, Gianni Borghesan, Diego Dall'Alba, Selene Tognarelli, Benoit Rosa, Alicia Casals, Nicolas Padoy, Paolo Fiorini, Jenny Dankelman, Emmanuel Vander Porten, Arianna Menciassi and Elena De Momi - Multi-level-assistance Robotic Platform for Navigation in the Urinary System: Design and Preliminary Tests

Muhammad Adeel Azam, Shunlei Li, Ajay Gunalan and Leonardo De Mattos - Real-Time Detection of Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma via Video Laryngoscopy with WL and NBI using YOLO

Emanuele Colleoni and Danail Stoyanov - Surgical image generation for binary tool segmentation

Marco Bombieri, Diego Dall'Alba and Paolo Fiorini - A Linguistic Comparison Between Textual Datasets to Assess the Complexity of Surgical Robotic Procedural Descriptions

Jesus Mago, Megane Millan, Constance Jacques and Marie-Aude Vitrani - Online detection of disturbances in model-based weight compensation for robotic endoscope holders

Valentina Corbetta, Alice Segato, Andrea Fortuna, Tommaso Magni, Mattia Magro, Xiu Zhang and Elena De Momi - Towards an autonomous robotic platform for percutaneous procedures

Daniel Suter, Aidana Massalimova, Christoph Laux, Fabio Carrillo, Mazda Farshad and Philipp Fürnstahl - A posterior landmark-based registration-free method to identify pedicle screw trajectories for robot-based navigation: A proof-of-concept


Poster Pitch III

Luke Shepherd, Sophia Bano, Lukas Lindenroth, Joseph Manjaly and Dan Stoyanov - Intra-Domain Adaptation for Robust Visual Guidance in Intratympanic Injections

Maria-Camilla Fiazza, Marco Bombieri and Paolo Fiorini - Reading as an Enabling Technology: Informing Surgical Robots with Spatial Information

Cristina Iacono, Sara Moccia, Aldo Marzullo, Elena De Momi, Fanny Ficuciello and Umberto Bracale - Deep learning-based localization of the biliary tract on white-light images acquired during laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Tomas da Veiga, James H. Chandler, Giovanni Pittiglio, Peter Lloyd, Mohammad Holdar, Onaizah Onaizah, Ali Alazmani and Pietro Valdastri - Material Characterization for Magnetic Soft Robots

Peter Lloyd, Zaneta Koszowska, Michele Di Lecce, Onaizah Onaizah, James Chandler and Pietro Valdastri - Fiber Reinforcement for Miniaturized Magnetically Actuated Soft Continuum Robots

Junlei Hu, Aleks Attanasio, Bruno Scaglioni and Pietro Valdastri - Autonomous Tissue Detection in Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

Alberto Villani, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Rocco Moccia, Fanny Ficuciello and Domenico Prattichizzo - Reduced Mathematics Model of an Underactuated Soft Hand for Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery: The MUSHA Hand II

Chiara Di Vece, Brian Dromey, Francisco Vasconcelos, Anna L. David, Donald Peebles and Danail Stoyanov - Freehand Obstetric Ultrasound Training System using Vision-based Deep Reinforcement Learning

Quentin Boyer, Dang-Viet-Anh Nguyen, Patrick Rougeot, Olivier Gaiffe, Brahim Tamadazte, Jérôme Szewczyk, Laurent Tavernier, Yann Nguyen and Kanty Rabenorosoa - OCT as tool for laser ablation monitoring applied to cholesteatoma

Lénaïc Cuau, Marie De Boutray, Joao Calvacanti-Santos, Philippe Poignet and Nabil Zemiti - Fast and Automatic Optical 3D Cameras Calibration for Contactless Surface Registration in Computer Assisted Surgery


Poster Pitch IV

Zhuoqi Cheng and Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu - Robot Assisted Electrical Impedance Scanning for tissue detection and imaging

Rema Daher, Francisco Vasconcelos and Danail Stoyanov - A Temporal Learning Approach to Inpainting Endoscopic Specularities and Its effect on Image Correspondence

Riccardo Felicetti, Emanuele Frontoni, Sabrina Iarlori, Lucia Migliorelli, Lorenzo Scoppolini Massini, Andrea Monteriù, Silvia Bonifazi, Roberto Trignani and Stefano Vecchioni - Smartawake: a real-time decision support system for intraoperative assessment in awake surgery

Chiara Tenga, Andrea Roberti and Paolo Fiorini - A optimization method for surgical targeting planning

Yuyu Cai, Mirza Awais Ahmad, Mouloud Ourak, Ruixuan Li, Kenan Niu, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin, Jan Deprest and Emmanuel Vander Poorten - 3D Reconstruction of Local Anatomy based on 2D Ultrasound for Fetal Laser Surgery

Nicola Piccinelli, Eros Ghignoni, Matteo Piano, Giacomo De Rossi, Francesco Setti and Riccardo Muradore - Prototyping a Laparoscopic Smart Trocar for Semi-Autonomous Surgical Robotics

Mohammad Hossein Hamedani, Fan Shao, Emanuele Vaia, Alessandro Cuozzo, Luca Ramaglia, Bruno Siciliano and Fanny Ficuciello - Human-Robot Collaboration System Using Virtual Fixture Method and Image-Guided for Dental Implant Surgery

Jimmy Da Silva, Saman Vafadar, Thibault Chandanson and Guillaume Morel - Force control of the KUKA LBR Med without external force sensor

Matteo Boles, Junling Fu, Elisa Iovene, Francesco Costa, Giancarlo Ferrigno and Elena De Momi - Augmented Reality and Robotic Navigation System for Spinal Surgery